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We have several competitive national finance companies on our system. They offer excellent rates to qualified applicants. The financing process can usually be completed in under an hour. 

We would also be happy to cooperate with your own bank or credit union, should you wish to arrange your own financing.  We would be happy to provide them with a draft of the purchase agreement in advance, and will accept a cashiers check or wired funds from them for your vehicle purchase.


If you are coming to the dealership and applying for financing, we strongly recommend you bring with you:

- Valid Driver's License

- Proof of Full Coverage Insurance Policy (or your agent's contact info)

- Cashier's check for any desired down-payment

- Pay check stubs showing year-to-date (2) (not always necessary)

- Residential utility or phone bill as proof of residence. (not always necessary)

Note: Some lenders may require more depending on circumstances


If you are applying with a co-buyer, they must be present at the dealership and also bring all recommended items listed above

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